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About Us

Kirkwood Fyfe Laser Eye Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic


Kirkwood Fyfe is dedicated to providing the highest standards of care we can for all our patients.  All of our surgical procedures are performed by registered surgeons.  We hope to achieve the best outcomes for all of our patients and that is why we do not compromise in any areas of your procedure and care.

Kirkwood Fyfe established an optician's business in Holburn Street in Aberdeen after the end of World War 2, moving to 48 Union street and then Alford Place in the city's West End.  Bobby Fyfe joined the practice in the 70's, moving the practice to Chapel Street, and by the 1980s, Kirkwood Fyfe became the biggest Independent Supplier of Extended Wear Disposable Contact Lenses in the UK.

At the beginning of the 21st century, with the efficacy of laser eye surgery becoming more widely accepted, Kirkwood Fyfe commenced a training program to launch their own Laser Eye Surgery Clinic, and treated their first  patients in May 2002.  Subsequently came a need for cataract and implant surgery, especially relevant for anyone outside the range for laser eye surgery, and following on from there came our first cosmetic procedures such as blepharoplasty (eye bag treatment) and injectable fillers.

In 2006, to improve the range of treatments, Kirkwood Fyfe invested in lasers for cosmetic improvement treating skin conditions such as acne or rosacea, thread veins, hair removal and tattoo removal.

We are now extending our use of lasers to provide Laser Liposuction, making  Kirkwood Fyfe the first Cynosure Smartlipo MPX clinic in Scotland. The secret of the MPX (short for Multiplex) is its multiple lasers, which not only make laser lipo more effective, across a wider wavelength, but also induce skin tightening to complement the effectiveness of the fat removal. Local anaesthetic is used, and the downtime is minimal.  The most popular areas for cosmetic improvement are neck and jowls, abdomen,  followed by upper and lower back, arms, inner and outer thighs, knees, ankles etc.

Vascular Vein Treatments using the VNUS Closure system, no longer involves stripping of the veins under a general anaesthetic. Using local anaesthesia, the faulty veins are closed off using Radio Frequency (even less invasive than laser), which minimises bruising and discomfort, and shortens the period of ‘downtime’ to an absolute minimum.

A 3-D camera called the Pentacam will now facilitate suitability for refractive surgery. The Pentacam photographs the front section of the eye (cornea, anterior chamber and crystalline lens), to give a more accurate appraisal for both Laser Eye Surgery, Cataract and Implant Surgery.

In 2011 Kirkwood Fyfe introduced Blade Free Laser Eye Surgery which is quick, safe and much more patient friendly. See our Laser Eye Surgery page to find out more about Blade Free Laser Eye Surgery.

Our Lens of first choice is an Extended Range of Vision lens, which gives blended vision from near to far by minimising chromatic aberration and spherical aberration resulting in better quality vision than traditional multifocal lenses and minimised night time glare.

Kirkwood Fyfe's Chapel Street premises up until 1998

Kirkwood Fyfe's Chapel Street premises up until 1998

Kirkwood Fyfe's 12 Victoria Street premises today

Kirkwood Fyfe's
12 Victoria Street premises today


Eye Surgeons

Mr Graeme Mackintosh BSc(Hons), MBChB, DO(Lond), FRCS(Ed), FRCOphth
Mr Mark Wevill MBChB, FRCS, FCS (SA) Ophth
Mr Aravind Reddy
Mr Graeme Mackintosh BSc(Hons), MBChB, DO(Lond), FRCS(Ed), FRCOphth
Mr Mark Wevill MBChB, FRCS, FCS (SA) Ophth
Mr Aravind Reddy FRCOphth, FRCSEd, MS, DNB, MBBS

Clinic Director/Optometrist

Mr Vijay Hegde
Mr R D Fyfe BSc, FSMC, FSAO. Clinical Director/Optometrist
Mr Vijay Hegde, MBBS, MS, FRCSEd,
Mr R D Fyfe BSc, FSMC, FSAO.
Clinic Director/Optometrist

Cosmetic Surgery Staff

Rhoda MacKenzie - Vascular Surgeon
Paul Drake
Professor Rhoda MacKenzie
Vascular Surgeon
MBChB 1992,
FRCS (Edinburgh) 1996, MD 2004
Paul Drake
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon
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